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Agenore Fabbri may be rightfully considered a singular protagonist in Italy’s panorama of contemporary art. Like no other this extraordinary creative artist, who was a sculptor, ceramist, painter and illustrator at the same time, enriched the history of  20th century art with an imaginative language and repertory of inventions characterized by eccentric plastic realizations marked by an emotionally charged expressionism. This can be said of his figurative creations, where he depicted human beings and animals in traumatic and extreme existential situations,  as well as his abstract objects, in which he often tended towards a raging informal action and experimentations that can be interpreted as signs of violence and destruction. In this sense the entire body of Agenore Fabbri’s work is characterized by a very humanistic and committed view of the world and the essence of mankind born from the suffering of WWII and the obscure and threatening scenarios of nuclear weapons and is manifested in an emotionally charged expressionism.

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