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The Agenore Fabbri Archive and Fund aims at promoting, disseminating, preserving and protecting the artist’s work. Therefore it has cured and published in 2011 the Catalogue Raisonneé in two volumes, Painting&Sculpture. In addition the Archive examines all works attributed to Agenore Fabbri to test their authenticity, in order to protect Fabbri's artistic production against falsifications resorting also to judicial seizures. Offering his advice to collectors, art dealers and auction houses, the Archive succeeded in clearing the art market from several fakes put in circulation.

Finally, the Archive:

- promotes studies and researches on Agenore Fabbri's artworks;

- offers his consultancy service to the organizers of solo and group exhibitions;

- lends works from his own collection;

- collects files, books and press releases related to the artist's activity and    biography;

- gives information to scholars, collectors, auction and publishing houses, mass media, museums etc. and  provides documents concerning not only Fabbri’s work,  but also different periods of his life                                                                                           and  his relationships with friends and intellectuals, etc.

Slides and photographs of  Fabbri’s works can be rented and used for publication.

All Fabbri’s works are subject to copyright law, which is enforced by the SIAE.

In order to obtain a certificate of cataloguing and authentication for an artwork by Agenore Fabbri:

1) email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  digital pictures, back and front,  of the work with details of the sizes (height x base) signature, writing, labels and indications about the provenance, bibliography and its appearance in publications and exhibition catalogues

There will be an email answer stating: 

a) the Archive consider work not to contain sufficient elements with which to insert it in its archive of authentic works by Agenore Fabbri, the client will be informed of this outcome as well as if the work has already been archived. 

b)  the Archive consider work to contain sufficient elements with which to insert it in its archive of authentic works by Agenore Fabbri, then the client must apply sending the following documentation:

Three colour hard-copy photographs (18x24 cm size) of the front and one of the back, professional quality

  • One envelope with stamps, that  will contain one of the three copy with the autographed autentification, reporting the owner’s address to whom it will be delivered

The photos should be accompanied by a letter containing a brief description about the work:

  • Technique, material and size (height x base);
  • Provenance
  • Name and address of the owner.
  • For archival purposes, two of these photographs will be retained by the Archive and the third will be sent to the owner with the autentification autographed on its back

Authentication and Cataloguing prices: Works on paper = euro 150 - Sculpture & Painting = euro 350

Please note that:

digital images do not constitute acceptable alternatives to professional hard-copy photographs and the documentation sent only by e-mail will not be sufficient;

the Archive does not issue, under any circumstances, duplicate copies of certificates;

the Archive does not provide financial estimates or expertise of artwork’s value;

Before requesting a certificate of cataloguing and authenticity for Agenore Fabbri’s work please examine:


Sculpture/Painting, (II Volumes in Italian/English/German), Silvana Editoriale, Cinisello Balsamo, Milan/Italy, 2011.

ISBN 978-8836620586/ISBN